March 2001

Stora Sjöfallet Fjällanläggning

(1996, 2001)

Stora Sjöfallet (Great Seafall literally) is the name of a waterfall, which was one of the most impressive in Sweden. Because the water is now used for electric power production, not much is left for the waterfall, and it does not attract so much tourists as in former times. The beauty of the landscape with its forests and lakes has remained. Very impressive is a primeval forest of pine trees along the street. Before the construction of the power plant, the street ended in Vietas for car traffic, but now it is extended to Ritsem. The reindeers, which often use the street, have to share it with the cars now.

Entering Stora Sjöfallet Fjällanläggning

Stora Sjöfallet is also the name of a recreational area in the vicinity (see my little map). It offers many services to the tourists. Gas station, shop and restaurant are the only ones within about 50 km. There are tentsites, sites for mobile homes, a service building and hotel beds. One interesting day tour is to go on the short trip to Kebnats with bus or car in the morning and take the boat to Saltoluokta Fjällstation. From Saltoluokta you can hike to viewpoints on Kungsleden and return in the afternoon with boat and bus to Stora Sjöfallet. During summer season you may get a direct boat connection from Vietas to Saltoluokta. For longer tours you can reach the Kungsleden for hikes to the north in Vakkotavare and for hikes to the south in Saltoluokta, and there is a short way to the Sarek National Park across the Suorva dam.

In the bus to Ritsem

The bus from Gällivare resp. Jokkmokk to Ritsem stops for more than half an hour in Störa Sjöfallet for lunch. The time is long enough to eat a "Dagens Rätt", the special of the day, in the nice restaurant or to buy some things in the shop.

It happened three times that we ended a hiking tour in Stora Sjöfallet. The room rates are similar to rates in STF fjällstations. Shower and kitchen are available. A warm shower, a washing machine with drying room, a sauna and the opportunity to get a delicious dinner seemed to be pure luxury to us when we came to recover from a longer hiking tour.

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