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Kungsleden Kebnekaise - Vakkotavare

52 km, 4 days


Kebnekaise Fjällstation

Your can see a map in this window. A public bus connects Kiruna with Nikkaluokta. From Nikkaluokta a hike of 19 km leads to the Kebnekaise Fjällstation. A boat trip can save 5 km of this tour. Still faster is the helicopter that takes off at the right side of the picture. The station was crowded with people of different age, single backpackers as well as school classes that took part in different organized outdoor activities. After staying one night in the Fjällstation, we continued our tour on the Kungsleden and hiked to Singi in a short tour of 15 km.


During this second part of the Kungsleden trail we prefered to go only smaller distances and enjoyed the landscape during the rest of the time. The distance Singi - Kaitum was 13 km, and we spent the afternoon at the Kaitum river. We cooked and rested on stones at the riverbank. The river flows from the left side in the picture into the Kaitumjaure, and the valley and the lake are among the most beautiful landscapes at the Kungsleden. The Kaitum huts are small at the right side of the picture.

Smoked Röding

After this beautiful day it now rained a lot. A short hike of only 9 km brought us to Teusajaure. At Teusajaure the trail crosses the lake. We planned to use one of the rowing boats provided by the STF at the next day. Later we would have to ford a river at the other side of the lake. The Stugvärd told us at the next morning that it would be very deep and probably impossible to cross due to the rain. He recommended to stay in Teusajaure one more day. We could get freshly baked Tunnbröd and freshly smoked "Röding" and this made the decision easy. As I heard in 1997, the man who caught the fish and brought hikers across the lake with his motorboat does not live in Teusajaure any more.


But later in the morning a seaplane came and brought some material. The pilot offered us to return with him to Vietas. We agreed, and few minutes later we looked back at Teusajaure from the plane. We saw the trail coming down at the right side of the river and the huts at the shore of the lake. The title of a Douglas Adams' book came into my mind: "So long, and thanks for all the fish". It took only 15 min until we landed in Vietas. We could get rooms in Stora Sjöfallet, and it turned out to be good for some days to relax.

Bus in Stora Sjöfallet

From Stora Sjöfallet we took the public bus back to Kiruna via Gällivare. If you would leave the bus in Kebnats, you could continue your tour on the next part of the Kungsleden (Kungsleden III). If you want to read more about smoked trouts and tunnbröd, you can call the special pages from the Index.

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