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View on Kebnekaise from Nordkalottleden

Side Trail to Kungsleden: Sitasjaure-Hukejaure-Tjäktjavagge,
2 days, appr. 42 km


This trail is not very frequented. It is a part of the Nordkalottleden. After our Sarek tour, we had some days left and wanted to hike a shorter tour of only a few days on a trail where we had not been before. So we started in Sitasjaure, which you can reach with the bus via Ritsem. A separate hiking trail Ritsem - Sitasjaure exists parallel to the street, but you will probably go with the bus.

Between Sitasjaure and Hukejaure

From Sitasjaure at 600 m the trail leads up to a highland of 700 to 800 m height. The path is easy to walk. 7 km from Sitasjaure the Ainna river is crossed on a bridge and we passed through a fence that separates reindeers from different herds. 2 km later, several huts of a summer village can be seen in the distance.


Hukejaure is a quiet place between the rocks at the other side of the Kaisejaure lake in the picture. The last few kilometers between these rocks were hard to walk. We were alone with the Stugvärd in the night. The night before, he told us, a group of eleven people had filled the hut. A trail leads to the Ivarsten in a distance of 5 km from Hukejaure and to the Gautelis hut in Norway. If you want to go to the Singi hut, there is a shorter unmarked path. But we planned to stay on the normal trail.


The next day the trail first lead through rocks but after half an hour it became easier. It descended into the Tsutsa valley, and with the Sälka mountain in the background we had to cross the river.

Fording the river in late August

Two possibilities to ford the river are marked in the map. We took the first one. Anyway, the river was dried out at that time of the year, and it was only a jumping from stone to stone without getting wet.

Nordkalottleden in Tsutsavagge

The path down the Tsutsa valley was not very comfortable. Block passages changed with meadows, and the grassland was bumpy, and there was no continuous marked path. Sometimes we thought we had found one, but shortly after we had lost it again. We thought that the Routesvagge perhaps was easier to go.

View to Kebnekaise

All the efforts were forgotten, when the majestic Kebnekaise came into sight. From here we had a direct view on Rabots glacier. The rest of the trail was easier now, but the weather got worse. We reached the Kungsleden south of Sälka and camped in the Tjäktja valley near a shelter. The bad weather seemed to stay around the Tjäktja pass, it did not rain very much in the night. The next day we hiked to Kebnekaise Fjällstation.

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